Palliative Oral Care

The primary focus of palliative care is pain management and ensuring the best quality of life as possible. Because we know oral health problems can develop very quickly and affect a patient’s overall health – maintaining good oral hygiene is important during any stage of someone’s life.

Common conditions for palliative patients include:Palliative Oral Care - Health Teeth plus

  •  Dry mouth & lips
  •  Candida Infection (Thrush/Yeast)
  •  Denture Stomatitis
  •  Angular Cheilitis
  •  Taste & swallowing disorders
  •  Chronic Dehydration

Tips for Providing Care

  • Use ultra-soft toothbrushes daily.
  • Rinse patient’s mouth with saline, soda water or neutral fluoride rinse after every meal. You can also use moist gauze to wipe out leftover food from the cheeks and under the tongue.
  • Apply a non-petroleum water soluble moisturizer to lips daily.
  • Clean dentures after every meal to make sure food is not left under the dentures which could cause irritation and lead to infections.


Content supplied by the Brushing Up on Mouth Care Program