Assisted Care Facility Oral Health Information

oral-healthWhether are you thinking about entering an assisted living facility, or researching one for a family member or friend, asking the right questions about their oral health care policies and services is very important.Many care facilities do not offer oral health care services, whether it’s as simple as scheduling and transportation to dental appointments, or monitoring their residents’ oral health care needs. These services can greatly influence the quality of life of the facilities residents, and ensure residents live and happy and healthy life.

When dealing with elderly, frail or residents with reduced mental or physical capabilities, ensuring the care facility’s staff is trained to assist with oral health maintenance, or monitoring for potential problem signs is very important. If residents are unable to hold a toothbrush due to reduced dexterity, or indicate trouble or pain when chewing or swallowing because of mental illness, minor oral health issues can quickly become major oral health and overall problems.